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There are various surfacing choices for your patio or driveway; however, choosing block paving over other methods has advantages. In Sheffield, block paver is popularly used as a material for residential as well as commercial paving because of its strength and durability. Though block paving can expose you to a lot of benefits, the installation job must be tackled by an expert.

At Pro Driveways Sheffield, we are the preferred choice for block paving services in Sheffield. With many years of experience in constructing block paving driveways in Sheffield, our completed paving project improves the curb appeal of your business or home as well as the accessibility and safety of your parking lot. Our goal is to ensure your block paving project is done right the first time within the pre-approved budget. Call us today and we will help you determine which material option is suitable for your next driveway project.

What You Need to Know About Block Paving

Also called brick paving, block paving is a decorative method used to create a road surface. It is popularly used for constructing driveways, pavements, patios, and so on. Block paving is a common option used among most homeowners in Sheffield due to its ease of installation, and decorative aesthetic.

The main purpose of building block paving is to provide a hard surface that is comfortable to walk on, aesthetically appealing, easy to maintain, and extremely durable.

During the brick paving construction, there are several materials you’ll need for the process, including block paving stones, sand, and sub-base aggregate. Though different types of sand can be used, the best sand for block paving is kiln-dried sand.

Why is Block Paving Beneficial?

Although there exists a range of surfacing options to choose from for your driveway project, choosing block paving over other methods can be advantageous and will expose you to several benefits, including:

Strength and Durability

Block pavers are popularly used for various landscaping projects, including the construction of pedestrian walkways and vehicle driveways because they are hard and hence durable. Unlike most of the other surfacing options, block pavers can withstand high loading levels thanks to their strength and durability potential.

Slip-Resistance Surface

Block pavers provide a surface that is slip resistance. The slip resistance ability helps to lower the possibility of accidents when block pavers are used near wet areas. That’s why block pavers are suitable for swimming pools, pathways, outdoor areas or other wet areas to ensure a high level of security and safety.


Once installed, using brick paving for your driveway requires very little maintenance. Paving bricks used on the driveway or in the garden patio will withstand the UK weather, such as frequent rain.

Keeping the patio or driveway made of paving blocks clean is easy. Using a solution of soap and water brushed over the surface will wipe away any existing dirt and keep your driveway made of paving blocks looking like new once again. Additionally, your brick paving will not require resurfacing or resealing again like other hard surfaces demand.

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Reasons to Choose Us to Carry Out the Block Paving in Sheffield

Looking for the most experienced and reputable block paving Sheffield based experts? Look no further! When it comes to providing block paving services, our team is driven to exceed every customer’s expectations. Here at Pro Driveways Sheffield, we follow the industry’s best practices, use good-quality, time-tested materials, and work with dependable, well-maintained equipment.

By choosing us to handle your block paving project, it means you are working with the most reputable and trusted driveways company in Sheffield, and therefore you can rest assured that your job will run as smoothly as possible.

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How is the Process of Block Paving Installation Done?

The block paving installation process begins by laying block paving stones from the base of a slope, preferably beginning from a straight edge or right angle. If you are handling the installation process on your own, place the block paving stones one by one on top of the ground surface. You should make sure the blocks are around 12-14mm above the preferred finished level.

When you are laying blocks, you will need to cut several blocks into pieces and use them to fill the small gaps that are left between the full blocks.

However, though it is possible to lay block pavers on your own, it is better your block paving installation project is handled by professionals to save you both energy and time. That’s why Pro Driveways Sheffield is here to help. We provide professional block paving solutions that meet or surpass your expectations.

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If you are looking for a surface material to install on the back or front of your home, which is strong and versatile, looks great, requires little maintenance, and will last for a long time, you should go for block paving. At Pro Driveways Paving, we are committed to constructing the best quality driveways Sheffield residents will ever need. We have a reputation for unmatched quality of service and excellent customer satisfaction around Sheffield. As your driveway contractor, we will help you differentiate the various driveway materials available, and ensure you can determine the best surfacing option that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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