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The driveway is often an overlooked architectural design component of a home, yet in many instances, it’s what most folks encounter first anytime they come to your house. A driveway appears best when it is installed in a way that balances the look of your home and the surrounding terrain. So, whether it’s sleek and smooth or rugged and rustic, the paving material you choose will play a crucial role in determining how the driveway build will match the aesthetic look of your home. With that in mind, choosing sandstone over other paving options for your driveway is more advantageous.

At Pro Driveways Sheffield, we are the best sandstone paving driveway contractor in Sheffield and one of the best in the UK. For many years now, we have been helping home and business owners in Sheffield and the surrounding areas by proving outstanding sandstone paving services that transform their outdoor spaces. We are committed to providing world-class paving services, and our talented team of builders will design a driveway that suits your budget and lifestyle needs. Plus, we provide top-notch project warranties for added peace of mind. Whether it is repairs, installation, or maintenance, we will transform your outdoor space into an appealing, durable driveway.

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What are Sandstone Paving Driveways?

Sandstone driveways are stone driveways that are popularly used for many homes because they provide a natural and appealing enhancement to any property. Also called arenite, sandstone which is a sedimentary stone formed by erosion is the main material used for building sandstone driveways. Sandstone is a popular driveway construction material because of its durability and ability to handle different weather conditions.

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Why Sandstone Driveways are Beneficial

There are several benefits of using sandstone as a paving material for driveways including:

Wide Range of Colours

Sandstone is available in a myriad variety of colours, ranging from verdant green, basic browns, bright cherry red, pretty pink, dull grey, elegant white, and unusual ochre. With such a wide range of colours to choose from, you cannot miss a design or style to facilitate your creative sandstone driveway desire.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Sandstone is a unique paving material formed by grains of sand cemented together over hundreds of years. The high compression makes sandstone a strong, hard, and durable paving material for driveway construction.

Ideal for all Seasons

The most common types of sandstone, such as red sandstone and dull grey sandstone popular for making driveway surfaces are ideal for all weather seasons. They are great for providing warmth during winter and coolness during summer. Sandstone therefore can be used over other materials to make driveways without worrying about how different seasonal weather conditions will behave on your finished sandstone driveway.

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How are sandstone paving driveways made?

Sandstone paving, sub-base material or crushed stone, sand, cement, and water are the materials needed for the sandstone driveway construction process.

Step-1: Mixing it up

Mix eight parts sand to two parts cement and water. The mortar mix you create should be a workable consistency.

Step-2: Spreading it on Thick

Put the mortar mix bit by bit on the surface and level it off. For best results, ensure the resulting surface is approximately 35mm in thickness.

Step-3: Laying the Sandstone Paving

Lay the sandstone paving on top of the driveway surface, ensuring the stones are 6 to 8mm apart. Fill the joints resulting from the laid stones with the mortar mix made in step-1. Leave the resulting driveway for at least one day to set up.

However, if you find the above sandstone paving process overwhelming, or if you want sandstone pavers that look amazing on your driveway, it is advisable to get help from an experienced sandstone driveway specialist. At Pro Driveways Sheffield, we provide a variety of sandstone paving styles and designs suitable for any driveway project. Call us today for a cost-effective sandstone paving service that perfectly matches your budget and needs.

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If you need an experienced sandstone paving contractor for your new driveway project in Sheffield, there is no better contractor to turn to than Pro Driveways Sheffield. We provide a variety of sandstone driveway ideas and styles that are customized to meet your budget and preferences.

We are the most trusted and reliable sandstone paving Sheffield based company that is well known for providing beautiful and durable driveway solutions in addition to excellent customer care. As your driveway construction company, our highly skilled builders will use modern tools to ensure your sandstone driveway project gets the attention it deserves. Contact us now by filling out the contact form or calling 0114 419 0213 to get started on your new sandstone driveway project!

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